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From Publishers WeeklyIn December 1965, David Spears said good-bye to his wife and three children and went to fight in Vietnam; he returned "in a cargo plane full of caskets" in July 1966. His family has never been the same. "He was the center of what made me feel safe,"...
Acclaimed by The New York Times as an “important new book,” and an example of “first-rate research and reporting,” and by The Washington Post as, “exceptionally well-written,” Our Mothers’ War portrays women as equal partners in fighting and winning World War II — a war that forever transformed the...
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Famed Indiana author Booth Tarkington once took on the task of naming three of Indianapolis's most outstanding citizens. Two of the three he named--former president Benjamin Harrison and legendary poet James Whitcomb Riley--were well-known people. The third, however, was someone whose memorable...
UNTO THE DAUGHTERS: The Legacy of an Honor Killing in a Sicilian-American Family
 Unto the Daughters is the story of a secret guarded so fiercely for nine decades that members of Tintori’s family died without ever learning of it. Unto the Daughters began with an obliterated entry on a passport - discovered during a genealogical quest - and a reluctant revelation of an ancestor...
A collection of cartoons drawn at the front lines of the 1990 student strike at Mills College. A panel from this collection hangs in the permanent timeline at the Women's Museum in Dallas, TX.
Cover of "The Women Outside" by Stephanie Golden
Based on my four years' experience as a volunteer in a homeless women’s shelter, The Women Outside examines the social context and psychology of homeless women together with the images and perceptions people in society hold of them. I conclude that homeless women raise different issues than do...
Slaying the Mermaid paperback cover
Why do so many women feel obliged to put other people's needs first, even when they don't want to? The self-sacrificing impulse comes from women's history, not their nature. Drawing on conversations with experts, extensive research, and a diverse group of women, this book examines the dichotomy...
Cover - An Angry Drum Echoed:  Mary Musgrove, Queen of the Creeks
INSIDE FRONT COVER FLAP As Pocahontas was to Jamestown and Sacajawea was to the Lewis and Clark expedition, so was Mary Musgrove to the burgeoning Georgia colony. Born “Coosaponakeesa” to a Creek mother and an English father, she skillfully straddled two worlds: her Indian...
They had their whole lives to look forward to if only their husbands could survive Vietnam. In the spring of 1970 - right after the Kent State National Guard shootings and President Nixon's two-month incursion into Cambodia - four newly married young women come together at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, when...
Gilded Lili
Before Dita Von Teese ever splashed around in an oversized martini glass, before Madonna ever donned her cone bra for the “Blond Ambition” tour, even before Norma Jean Mortensen became Marilyn Monroe, there was Lili St. Cyr. This glamorous, platinum blond queen of burlesque influenced these 20th...