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What Authors Are Saying About Red Room

My Red Room blogs have led to stories in major magazines, and recently, to being included in an anthology honoring Ray Bradbury. Moreover, it's just some of the best reading on the web.”
Jacquelyn Mitchard,
inaugural Oprah Book Club selection whose newest book is Second Nature
The team members at Red Room are the perfect blend of media strategists, cheerleaders, and champions of the written word. I'm now in a better place for platform building and branding because I joined Red Room.”
My experience with Red Room has encouraged me to continue my writing beyond authoring my first book. Now I’ve written articles that Red Room was able to help me get published with a major media company. Plus, the staff takes a personal interest in making sure my Author Page looks professional.”
Red Room has brought more attention to my two books than I could have imagined.  Thanks so much.  When I reached out to the editors they treated me like a friend and made me feel right at home.  This is a wonderful site for authors.”
Carol W. Berman, M.D.,
author fiction and nonfiction books, including Q&A About Panic Disorder
Red Room does an amazing job promoting the Red Room authors and introducing their books to a larger audience.  The staff is so warm, friendly, and helpful  that it feels like you have a team of experienced publicists working on your behalf!”
I hear that most blogs sit silent like the famous Emily Dickinson poem which begins, 'This is my letter to the world that never wrote me...' On redroom.com, the world writes back to me. I'd imagined since I already had a personal website I wouldn't use Red Room much but I've discovered that it's so much quicker, easier to add pertinent info, I'll be updating and adding material often.”
Belle Yang,
Artist, graphic novelist, and children's
book author
It's free PR with a built-in and growing audience. It's a way to get and keep my name out there...you can't buy publicity like that.”
Ericka Lutz,
Author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Step-Parenting and On the Go with Baby
Authors have been needing their own online community--something that will help them connect to each other as well as market their work to the public. Redroom.com does that. And it's a rich, beautiful design.”
It's free PR with a built-in and growing audience. It's a way to get and keep my name out there...you can't buy publicity like that."
I am amazed by this site. I can't believe it exists, really, and I'm so enjoying reading people's blogs, finding out about their work, their desires, their passions. What a great space, and you write so very truthfully about it.”
Thank you, Redroom, for the many voices, the amazing grace of community, the song of it, a great gift, as good as a box of See's candy.”
Susan Browne,
Award-winning poet and educator
Since I started interacting and blogging on Redroom I have received two solicitations for stories. One a fiction story for an anthology and another from the Oregon Literary Review for an essay. I also have been receiving more than a thousand hits on my blog each month, which isn't too bad..”
James Buchanan,
Journalist and author of the short-story collection Selling Their Childhood
It's been wonderful writing for the Red Room.”
Shaun Landry,
Comedian and essayist
What a wonderful site!”
Kirk Read,
Performance artist, literary impresario, and author of the memoir How I Learned To Snap
I couldn't be happier with my author page; with my book out only a couple of weeks, it has already turned out to be a great resource. I could never have done a web page without you and your incredibly helpful staff.”
The site looks great.”
Tobias Wolff,
Award-winning author and academic
The nicest online author community I've found.”
Lucy Coats,
Children's book author  
...lots of us now need our daily Red Room fix!”
I think it's a great site ... thanks for putting together this wonderful virtual community.”
Novelist Terry Gamble,
Author of Good Family and The Water Dancers
You've done a magnificent job on my author page! Thank you!”
Bharati Mukherjee,
Indian-born author of seven novels, two nonfiction books, and two collections of short stories.
I've been meaning to make a web page for, oh, three or four years and have never done it. It always seemed a little strange to be out there on your own, advertising yourself. This is very different. What's really pleasing is being part of a community - and you all are making this possible in a very beautiful way.”
Sarah Stone,
Author of writers' guides and the novel The True Sources of the Nile
...the site looks amazing...the instructions for uploading pages are easy to follow.”
Sunny Singh,
Author of two novels as well as the nonfiction Single in the City: The Independent Woman's Handbook
Wow! I just viewed my author page—how cool—and it was really easy—very classy set up. What a groovy website!”
Ianthe Brautigan,
Northern California teacher and author of the memoir You Can't Catch Death
I maintain profiles in other locations (P&W, Facebook, and a local college), but Red Room has the best layout and offers more options in terms of connecting with readers and publishers. It is very professional in appearance and functionality.”
Poet Scot Siegel,
author of three collections including Skeleton Says
Red Room is an incredible advocate for its authors. Red Room’s editors personally reached out to the editors of other publications to get my work placed and it worked. Thanks to Red Room, my platform to launch my book (on how to handle workplace crises without getting fired) is much stronger.”
I have great gratitude for the staff at Red Room for putting me in touch with the editors at a large media company, which published my work, helping me reach a much broader audience. The staff at Red Room has really reached out to me providing great support. I feel like Gina, Huntington, and Ivory are truly part of my publicity team.”
Sandra Ingerman,
author of many books about shamanic journeying and healing the self and the world, including How to Thrive in Changing Times
I am so grateful to have Red Room in my corner. They have helped me place a number of pieces as well as improved my visibility on the web. They've even helped me fundraise! The best part about Red Room is the people. The endlessly patient and tireless staff has provided me with the kind of support I can't and don't get anywhere else. I don't know what I would do without Red Room, and I hope I never have to find out.”
I have always appreciated Red Room, but never more than now.  My own personal site was temporarily inaccessible for some reason.  But Red Room is always there, fiercely guarded by your electronic wizards.  Thank you!”
I am thrilled to have you guys online--I was a speaker at the SF Writers Conference this weekend, and mentioned Red Room to all...hope you get lots of support!”
Novelist Glenda Burgess,
Author of the new memoir The Geography of Love
This is a complex, rich site you've designed. Congratulations.”
. . . it is a particular boon to writers not up on the technology whether thru age or reluctance, and to mid-list writers who see their works vanishing from the shelves of bookstores at an alarming rate.”
Brenda Webster,
Novelist, critic, and translator
I looked up some of the other author pages and the entire site looks absolutely amazing. Big congrats!”
Samina Ali,
Muslim woman activist and author of Madras on Rainy Days
Red Room contains a language of connecting, I find, as we meet and speak despite apparent separations of time and space. It is language and culture rich with possibility. I enjoy that.”
Kunzang Drolma,
Aspiring writer and Buddhist nun.
The Red Room people are as passionate about books as they are good-looking and I look forward to logging on every day.”
Again — a great program, and a great team behind it. I’m honored to be a part of it.”
I am so excited to join the pages of redroom.com.”
Devorah Major,
Author, educator, and former San Francisco Poet Laureate
I'm really enjoying the site! Just yesterday, I accidentally "met" a lady who has many similarities to me and lives less than 10 miles away. We "met" by joining the same clubs within a short time of each other... so our names and bios were under each others' noses.”
Nicola Cannon,
Aspiring novelist.
It's so informative to see what other writers have to say and how their pages are set up, as well as information about their work. Their personalities come through in a way I haven't before experienced. Red Room is performing a service for those of us who work in solitary confinement, prisoners of our thoughts, as we attempt to fill empty pages with what we hope will be fascinating memories and inspired plots.”
Pat Montandon,
Peace activist and author of the memoir Whispers From God
...seems like even a sworn Luddite like me can figure it out...”
Neal Pollack,
Satirist, novelist, short-story writer, and journalist
I'm thrilled, I've been traipsing through the site! I'll gather my images and narrative blurbs and plunge into figuring it all out. Congratulations on a brilliant idea that supports writers. Those of us, in particular, caught in 'mid-level' in the publishing world tremendously benefit. Anyone who loves books will adore redroom.com.”
"recovering trial attorney" and law professor, author of Practical Jury Dynamics 2
Red Room has been really good to me and Outside Child. I really appreciate it.”
Alice Wilson-Fried ,
Fiction and nonfiction author
This is fabulous. Thank you so much for all of your work.”
Lolly Winston,
Author of two bestselling novels, Happiness Sold Separately and Good Grief
Looking forward to a long and happy presence on Red Room.”
Rebecca Walker,
Bestselling author of nonfiction books and an upcoming memoir
I'm very appreciative of what Red Room is doing for authors and publishing in general, particularly your role in the Patry Francis blog day (I was a participant).

Kelli Stanley,
Author of the "Roman noir" novel Nox Dormienda
Your editors have a warm, encouraging manner, they make every author feel completely safe and welcome.”
Siddharth Shanghvi, prizewinning author of The Last Song of Dusk