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THESE GUNS FOR HIRE is an anthology of "hit men" short stories, edited by J. A. Konrath. Raymond wrote the story "Another Rock 'n' Roll Hit," which blends murder and... rock 'n' roll.
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The Elephant Talks to God is an endearing collection of whimsical tales in which a young elephant forages for answers to that age-old existential puzzle: What is the meaning of life? In this new edition of Dale Estey’s best-selling book, this pachyderm philosopher asks questions and God answers --...
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Wesselmann's debut collection contains richly varied stories with a wide range of cultural knowledge. Whether the setting in Taipei, Florence, the Andean foothills, or Tornado Alley in Texas and Oklahoma, hers is a curiousity directed at understanding events from different perspectives and a...
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Both historical and futuristic short stories are included as well as a complete novel. Happy endings with purpose and passion. Features dogs and people and more. Some stories set in ancient Rome. Some set in the future. Some set in 10th century Europe about a family of healers on a trek to repair...
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The stories collected in this book are compelling, real, sensual and experiential. They are narratives that draw the reader into the lives and experiences of people quietly, yet bravely facing the complexities of life as they seek the most simple of goals-happiness. There is the teenage boy sitting...
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The universe is dying... and all that’s left is the god Eshu and a few stubborn bits of matter. Having nothing better to do, Eshu decides to explore the dying realms and see what, if anything, can be found and discovers many things, including himself, along the way. -Nicole McCain, The Fix short...
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A collection of short stories from the traditional to the supernatural. An adult faces her childhood abuser with dramatic results; a comic romp about a perfume that can make you irresistable; a woman explains her Native American origins to her great grand daughter; a futuristic novella about a...
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14 really comic short stories whit a creative leanguage treatement.
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Tartts Three is a collection of stories from the finalists of the third annual Tartt First Fiction Award contest.