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Collection of autobiographical coming-of-age stories based on author's experience from age 12 as a soldier in a dance performance troupe of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. Exists in traditional and simplified Chinese character editions and in Vietnamese translation. Taiwan edition:...
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Mark, an undergraduate, finds himself drawn into the shadowy club led by his professor, Ms. Gordon. Membership is exclusive.
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Power-play in the boardroom, on the boardroom table.
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Father Jean-Michel is sent high up into the mountains of Annam, to the village of Dak Rede. He's been sent to convert the heathens, but they have other ideas.
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Beneath the veil of the Winter Solstice, a powerful blend of desire and desperation ignites the forgotten Roman custom of Saturnalia.  A brutish husband, a hopeful wife, and a genie of ancient allure are drawn together on a mystical night when vengeance and passion collide.