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October carries with it a chill that Benny Watt can't seem to shake. Ever since the Titantic sank, he's been burdened with thoughts of his own mortality. It keeps him up nights, in fact. Money and women are plentiful for Mr. Watt but, at 34, he can't help but feel that his life is missing something...
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In this fairy tale retelling, Rumpelstiltskin turns self-centered teenage princesses into well-rounded young women fit to find their One True Love--princes supplied by the Fairy Godmother. Just as a Cinderella-cycle is being completed, Rumpelstiltskin--or Rasp, as others call him--is called to...
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Convicted criminals are no longer sent to prison as a lost cause...they're offered rehabilitation into normal society. Inmates are allowed to enter the mind of a civilian for a few days, to observe that person's life and understand how the thought processes of a normal, non-criminally inclined...
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A collection of previously published short stories and vignettes; part of the Pine Hills Police series. A Winter's Day: What happened before Sarah met Randy? For Sarah Tucker, life was perfect. She had David, their gift shop, and despite minor spats, a happy marriage--until the day everything...
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"The fourteen stories in this dazzling collection continue acclaimed author Lauren B. Davis' exploration into her characters' psychological landscapes, and ensure her reputation as a writer of razor-sharp intellect and deep compassion. Weaving these stories together is the notion that what one...
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A story from my autobiographical novel, Sing Soft, Sing Loud.  This story portrays a true incident of psychological cruelty by a guard to a prisoner (myself) in a women's federal prison.  "The Floor" will soon be available as an ebook.  
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No Man's Land is Book IV of the Defending the Future anthology series. This book is a collection of military sf featuring all female protagonists and written by all women authors. It is the first such work of its kind, and has been nominated for the Tiptree Award. Christian's story, "Live...
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Art From Art: A Collection of Short Stories Inspired by Works of Art.  Paintings, sketches, sculpture, fiction, film, music, photographs, graffiti. 38 writers, 38 stories - each inspired by different works of art, and 38 images - inspired by each story, and created by the graphic design firm,...