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 Poem recently written, recently published on line.
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With Runoff, Clay Matthews solidifies his claim as the only real successor to the narrative, discursive line of Richard Hugo while extending that range to include the kind of hard & sparkling bursts of revelatory truth-won-through-trauma that punctuate the landscape of the best of Larry Levis...
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House is a love affair between the poet and Chile. While making real the struggles of war, becoming an expatriate and the alienation that accompanies the immersion in a new culture, Griffor also conveys the beauty and nostalgia she feels for her home country. She commands our attention, and we...
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Heartland is a selection of poems that will appear in Stockholm, SWEDEN this Fall 2009 with the Swedish publisher ARS Interpres.
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A woman, late in life, explores the boundaries between the natural and human world, between waking life and dream, between life and death, so as to approach finding answers to life's most important questions.
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Secrets of a Muslim Heart (A Journey into Spiritual Awakening) is a collection of poems and essays by South African poet Tazmin Mahomed, that centre around her experiences of being a Muslim woman living in a westernsociety. This collection of work charts her remarkable personal journey to find and...
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