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Beach stones--appealing to the eye, pleasurable to hold, fun to collect and free for the taking--are Earth's most ancient objects.  This volume, at once an art book and a nature guide, presents beautifully detailed images of more than two hundred stones from around the world and explains the...
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Salty Dogs by Jean M. Fogle is packed with photographs of dogs living in the moment as they frolic on the beach. Fogle's engaging photos show a variety of breeds swimming, playing, romping, surfing and lounging in the water and on the sand. The pages are also sprinkled with humorous and inspiring...
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This first-class, Japanese printing illustrates some of Mr. Beebe's most unique photography with exceptionally high quality. Highlights of the book include a stunning skyline view of Seattle at sunset, an exceptional graphic image of the Washington Mutual Tower, unique photographs of Orca whales,...
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Unparalleled in scope and intimacy, Morton Beebe's beautiful photographic excursion around his native San Francisco contains more than 200 full-color pictures of favorite sights in and around the City by the Bay, and essays by well-known San Franciscans capture the vitality and allure of this...
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Writer and photographer Keister offers a beautifully photographed book which looks at past and present day courtyards around the world. The book examines the history of the courtyard, both private and public, community courtyards, historic residential courtyards, modern courtyards, water features,...
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The posters and highlights of 50 years of the Monterey Jazz Festival.