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The Valley Planet is a community-minded publication that was created  to meet the cultural needs of Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley.  The Valley Planet is dedicated to promoting the ideas, arts and events that make the Tennessee Valley unique. The Valley Planet is a locally-owned magazine/...
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A column about the tradition in my family of observing certain Jewish customs.
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A biographical and literary account of Portugese novelist Jose Saramago.
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The Handbook of Real Estate Lending covers the unique needs of real estate and mortgage lending, highlighting the opportunities and the potential problems typically faced in the field. An excellent overview of the real estate side of the loan portfolio, this start-to-finish guide covers everything...
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Very sensitive, the subject of feminism to me. Mostly because it's so misunderstood, when in fact it was founded as a means to achieve basic citizenship rights, though the name hardly did it justice.
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A funny, poignant monthly column in Literary Mama exploring the author's fourth generation Red Diaper Baby heritage and how that legacy informs her parenting.
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Bronstein was Executive Vice President and Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle from November of 2000 until named to his new position, as Executive Vice President and Editor-at-Large of Hearst Newspapers Division and The San Francisco Chronicle, in January 2008.  
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My newspaper columns - closing in on 1000 of them - are based on whatever makes one laugh, groan, cry and take pause.   The column is titled Still Amazed because I am still amazed, on a daily basis, at everything that goes on in the world.