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Why are we seeing a modern renaissance of shamanism? According to Sandra Ingerman, it is because it is a “path of direct revelation.” Shamanism requires no outside authorities, intermediaries, or even beliefs—instead, it provides powerful tools to let you tap into the unseen world for insight...
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A two-CD set, this audio book contains readings of all 57 poems in A Brave New Worldview.  Traversing a wide range of form and subject, sometimes formal, sometimes experimental, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, these poems explore love, politics and our connection to nature and to each...
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Will Durst is a classic stand-up: smart with an insightful wit, a sharp tongue, and a wry, political outlook. The kind of comic who'd be right at home with both Ron White and Greg Proops, Durst has a certain bemused swagger as he takes on W and Bubba (the White House's own Dukes of Hazzard who only...
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With the runaway success of the "Mill Valley" single with the Third Grade Class ~ on the Warner/Reprise label ~ Erik Jacobsen ("Spirit in the Sky," The Lovin' Spoonful, Chris Isaak) went on to produce this album with Rita and the kids, who were by then fourth graders. More...
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With over 1,000 Heritage Press books, Michael C. Bussacco has one of the largest and most complete collections in the United States. In Heritage Press: Annotative Bibliography, Volume 2, Authors E-K, 2nd Edition, collectors learn what books were issued by the Heritage Press, their descriptions,...
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Ninety story-poems stich together the lives of six generations.  Forty songs played by fiddles, mandolin, and guitar weave memories of a bygone time with the crisp realities of modern life. It's a poetic-musical duet capuring the humor, joy, and sorrow that create the weft of any family.
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Recorded live in Boston (dead doesn't record well), Kate draws on her recovering Catholic roots, years of high school English teaching, and her authority on Bush and bawdy politic to build laughter of fading fears and connections made. It's hard to be a dominatrix in a kinder, gentler nation, so...
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Self-proclaimed fumerist (feminist humorist) Kate Clinton returns with another classic live recording. Comprised of almost all new material, mixed in with little snippets of some of the old favorites, this 1998 release includes political material as fresh as the daily news, savvy send-ups of modern...
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Kate Clinton strikes again in this 2001 release in which no one is spared. In this brilliant piece of comedy, Kate attacks AOL and computers in general, describes her adventures while 'slogging,' discusses her interactions with cell-phone users, and shares her opinion of the Pope's apologies and...
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Fast, fun and free-wheeling, and live from Los Angeles -- no, its not a sporty hybrid -- it's Kate Clinton's hysterical new CD, The Marrying Kind. Kate's much-anticipated 7th comedy collection, is a wild, free-associating, dot-connecting romp through presidential selections, stem and terrorist...