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“If I had given it much thought, I might have hesitated to marry a man for whom at the age of 45 much of the past was too painful to consider--for either of us. Truthfully, thought had little to do with it. Instinct did--the instinct to seize a sure and ebullient happiness or go down trying.”...
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Co-edited with Patricia Fobair, LCSW. An anthology of stories and essays from men and women who live with cancer. Each chapter represents a theme in the cancer journey. The featured writers were part of the Stanford Cancer Center support groups or the expressive writing groups led by Sharon Bray.
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Shortly after Saracino’s first novel, No Matter What, was published in 1993, she began to experience an inexplicable clenching of her vocal cords. Over a four-year period, she was increasingly unable to speak without great strain. In 1997 the mysterious problem was diagnosed as a rare voice...
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Equal parts writer's workshop and spiritual journey, this open-hearted guide will show you how to attain and sustain the creative life you desire. Based on a time-tested principle and using methods pioneered by the authors, Write Free provides a wealth of inspiration, advice and activities....
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Hope's essay, originally published as a "My Turn" in Newsweek magazine in 2002, is included in this textbook as an example of how to write analytical essays.
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Let the Crazy Child Write! celebrates the role of the creative unconscious or Crazy Child in stories, poems, plays, and essays. Examples show how the Crazy Child informs our writing and gives it texture and flair, and a plethora of exercises allow you to demonstrate for yourself the power of the...
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An illuminating guide to finding one's most powerful writing tool, Finding Your Writer's Voice helps writers learn to hear the voices that are uniquely their own. Mixing creative inspiration with practical advice about craft, the book includes chapters on: Accessing raw voice Listening to voices of...