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To the millions of Americans on the home front during World War II, Ernie Pyle’s column in newspapers across the country offered a foxhole view of the struggle as he reported on the life and death of the average soldier. When he died, Pyle’s popularity and readership was worldwide, with his column...
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American GIs who participated in the invasions of such far-flung Pacific Ocean locations as New Georgia, Makin, Tarawa, Kwajalein, and Eniwetok during World War II could always count on a blistering reception from the Japanese forces defending those isles. They could also depend on their efforts...
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Andrew Bienkowski was five years old in 1939 when his family was banished to Siberia from their Polish homeland. With virtually nothing to see them through the long, cold winter, his grandfather chose to starve to death in order to give his family a change of survival. The years that followed were...
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Set in past and present Alaska, The Cloud Atlas is narrated by a missionary who spent World War II chasing down one of Japan’s strangest weapons – firebombs that silently crossed the Pacific, tethered to balloons. But it’s the people he found who haunt him longer: a Yup’...
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MANOA: Silence to Light: Japan and the Shadows of War, anthology ofJapanese literature in translation, Volume13, No. 1, Summer 2001. Contains Essays by Donald Richie, IshiiShinpei, Last Letters of Kamikaze Pilots (first-time publication intranslation), Testimonials from  Taiwanese “Comfort Women,”...
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War poems by Japan's foremost modernist poet and the translator of T. S. Eliot, first time ever in translation.
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The Master Planets is a novel that tells the story of Peter Jameson, an exuberant, musically gifted 19-year old in 1970s suburban New Jersey, whose life falls apart when he—and the world—learn about his mother's secret past in German-occupied Poland. After miraculously surviving a mass execution of...
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On the morning of May 10, 1940, the last thing Sofie Rijnfeld expected was the sky to start raining German paratroopers. She and Jan, her husband of 3 years, were living contentedly in Amsterdam with Jan's six daughters. Life held the promise of a bright future for the Rijnfelds, until the German...
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Edmund Goulding’s Dark Victory: Hollywood’s Genius Bad Boy is the first biography ever written about this eccentric genius of early-twentieth-century filmmaking. Goulding (1891–1959) was by turns a writer, producer, composer, and actor, but it is as a director that he made an indelible impression....