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Recycle Suburbia is Dan Nowak's first collection of poetry. It showcases the complex boundaries of growing up in Toledo, Ohio.
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Essay on Joyce Carol Oates' novel Blonde about Marilyn Monroe as a 1950s working class heroine. Essay argues Oates uses literary techniques of modernism in her novel which is a important comment on both the actress and American culture.
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     Some girls grow up with Barbie dolls and E-Z Bake ovens, but not Martha. She has Scorpion Tail, Beelzebub, and the seven battles of the Apocalypse to deal with in addtion to a mother who reads bedtime stories from Fox's Book of Martyrs.      Martha lives in working class Arkansas of the late...
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My essay is in book anthology "What We Have in Common: An Introduction to Working-Class Studies" edited by Janet Zandy, Feminist Press, NY. The book was a pathbreaking anthology helping to establish working class studies in the United States including both essays and course syllabi. I...
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In what is destined to become one of the most important books published this year, Lillian Rubin takes us inside the lives, hearts, and minds of America's working-class families and lets us hear them speak. With an eloquence rivaling that of her earlier classic, Worlds of Pain, Lillian Rubin lays...