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“Larry Smith's The Free Farm is both a novel and a romance about the hard truth of family and the ways we discover the nature of who we are by whom and what we love. Written in a strong, sensitive but never sentimentalizing voice, Smith has penned a kind of spiritual being-of-age...
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"Milldust and Roses is a beautiful tapestry, the substance of which describes an Ohio Valley working-class family from the mid-century onward....The book is formatted like a family album with wonderful prose snapshots illustrating the town, his growing family, his wife and himself." -Holly Beye...
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From back cover: "A River Remains embodies the waterway of its title: in these poems the world is at once evanescent and permantent, always changing, yet always there. A collection of large scope built mostly from brief lyrics, narratives and meditations, it stands as the most compelling work...