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Mayor of the Roses pinpoints the immigrant question as primarily a question of identity. In answer to the question of what it means to be Filipino, Villanueva humorously presents many cultural fixations; the stories “TV” and “BMW” revolve around the family’s preoccupations of acquiring...
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Suzanne Frischkorn is a fierce and fearless poet, In Girl on a Bridge, she first upends our dainty notions of girlhood and then leads us into the wilderness of violence, madness, fear, and love -- and does so with beauty and tenderness. --Julianna Baggott   Good citizens beware: Suzanne...
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In 1792, Paris is in flames and the hungry guillotine waits . . . . In The Last Gift, the reader is woven into the fabric of the French Revolution, one of the most chaotic and violent social upheavals of all time. Strong and resourceful heroines, an intrepid hero and a complex and terrifying...
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The title poem of this collection tells of the creation of barbecue, how slaves cooked their masters' scraps into a survival food that became a cuisine. Powerful and moving, these poems teach how the "nasty leftovers" in life can be transformed into music, scripture, celebration.