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After the release of author Aimee Liu’s memoir Gaining—about her recovery from an eating disorder—she received an outpouring of letters from people similarly struggling with ED, and from others who wanted to share their stories of recovery.  Liu was struck by the diversity of voices and the...
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A journey of lasting lessons through a difficult first pregnancy that included surgery, eleven days in the Labor and Delivery wing and prematurity.
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This review was accepted last year by Northwest Woman after I did a phone interview with the author, who I discovered from her online blog The Weighting Game on iVillage.com (Now 'Never Say Diet') We kept in touch, and had the most amazing talk about her book, which sold very well.
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"You the only one who can say what you can and cannot do." —Gramma Fun Like many women of the baby-boom generation, Alice Wilson-Fried found the specter of menopause looming over her as a sinister figure, come to take her womanhood, her mind, her energy, and her enthusiasm for life....