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Desiree is a fast-paced yarn set in the desolate high desert country of Northern, Nevada. Chick Corbett returns to his cabin on a cold winter evening to find Desiree Depardieu hovering over a dead body. Soon, the body and Desiree are gone and Chick sets off in pursuit. Along the way, author...
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Brodie Jones had been on his own since he was fifteen years old.  He had headed west as a hunter, lived several years as a mountain man and scouted for the Fremont expeditions.  At the outbreak of the Mexican War, he was scouting for the US Army. Through his friend Kit Carson, he had met and fallen...
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Ned Vance's vision has showed him that he is a Ghosthunter. Ghosts are returning from the land of the dead to the world of the living, where they do not belong, and Ned is given the gift to return them to the land of the dead.
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Two short comic stories for a small comic publisher anthology.  Black Rider was a supernatural western, the story of a sherrif shot in the back and was empowered by ancient native spirits to return to earth for vengence.  Side-kicked, was the story of a young boy who comes up with a super-hero...