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For many of us, thinking about the future conjures up images of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road: a post-apocalyptic dystopia stripped of nature. Richard Louv, author of the landmark bestseller Last Child in the Woods, urges us to change our vision of the future, suggesting that if we reconceive...
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NAMASTE ~ As we go with the flow of life, appreciating the moment, we find our SELF in an exciting time for humanity. Presently we are an honored witness and participant in a great critical evolutionary leap in history. Due to planetary alignments, our heart center is being flooded with...
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In a time when people feel overwhelmed by global problems Sandra Ingerman shares with us spiritual practices we can all engage in that have the power to create positive change. Readers will be guided toward living a conscious life; they will learn how their thoughts and words impact the world they...
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How to Heal Toxic Thoughts teaches readers how to identify toxic thoughts, transmute negative energy, and shield themselves from the harmful influences others project out of ignorance. Filled with pragmatic tools for coping with negative thoughts and emotions, Ingerman helps readers transform toxic...
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A Fall to Grace is a visionary fiction describing Sandra Ingerman's spiritual journey over the last 20 years. This book is also translated into the following languages.  Please order from your local bookstore:  German: "Heimkehr ins Leben" published by Econ.
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Co-authored with Virginia Lang this book is an offering of more than 100 new traditions and ritiuals to commemorate and honor special moments and milestones in all of our lives as well as create community.  Each ritual begins with a poem and a short narrative. The rituals are easy to do and work...
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If you are thinking about youth ministry, already doing youth ministry, know a youth minister, or simply need something to read quickly so that you can say, "Why yes, I have finished an entire book!", The Whole Youth Worker is for you. This book provides the things I wish someone would...
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Product DescriptionDo you use food to comfort yourself when you're feeling depressed or stressed? Do you sometimes eat simply because you're bored? There are so many opportunities to snack and overeat mindlessly, it's no wonder that most diets fail. But mindless eating can lead to health problems,...
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  Wake up to better health Maybe you’re stressed out and tired, and have put on a little weight. Or you have persistent pain you and your doctor can’t explain. Man or woman, you may be fighting fluctuating hormone levels.  Or maybe you snore like a freight train. Anything that narrows the throat...
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Bringing the facts discovered by research on the healing benefits of writing into the daily perspective of self-discovery, this self-paced book offers a life-long adventure into living healthier and having more fun doing it.