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Jean Rubin, a Women and Literature teacher at the community college, has three months to plan her twenty something daughter Lara's wedding to Gus, a young man from an extended Charleston family. Laurence Duvall, owner of Fashionista, the Scottsdale society...
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Effie has a million reasons why she's not thrilled to be at her sister's wedding -- and the monstrously pink bridesmaid's dress isn't even on the list. When Effie finds herself locked in the bathroom, she thinks she might just stay there. After all, it's better than hearing from her mom about how...
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Wanted: Attractive, discreet, twenty-something female to lure disillusioned clients back to matchmaking service. Good money. Dinners included. Lucy Ladelle has big dreams -- bigger than the tiny island in Boston Harbor where she's lived her entire life. But first she needs some moolah. So when a...
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Would you like to preserve the memories of your own love story? This souvenir volume contains 150 simple yet thoughtful questions that help record the stories and moments of the romance of a lifetime. The Book of Us helps any couple remember and cherish the story of their most important love, from...
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The Toaster Broke, So We're Getting Married, is a hilarious and heartwarming look at one woman's odyssey from divorced single mom with a rebellious streak and a string of soured relationships to blushing bride, shamelessly seduced by the kind of satin-and-lace fantasies that short-circuit logic,...