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To the Last Drop follows five characters through the course of a war between Texas and New Mexico.  The novel begins with the accidental discovery of water in the arid southeast corner of New Mexico.  Texas and New Mexico become tangled in a bitter legal dispute over the rights to that water.  A...
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This delightful book dives into the mythological and metaphysical history of water – such as water deities, mermaids, ritual baths, and sacred springs. Croutier surveys bottled waters, warns of pollution, and global over-consumption. She devotes short, entertaining sections to water rituals,...
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As he faces the frozen behemoth of a giant iceberg, environmental activist Ben Maki sees Earth’s future. Clean drinking water for millions of people, waiting to be tapped from the polar ice. The Solartech Corporation backs Ben’s grand philanthropic vision for a better today—while making its own...