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TWO SISTERS, Mary and Deloris, each with four innocent virgin daughters are traveling down different paths of self-destruction, in reaching for the gold ring of becoming a member of an interstellar wealthy and debt free society. One or both will pay that ultimate price to the Grim Ripper,...
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In 1997 a 13 year-old boy with no friends called Joe went online.  He decided the offline world was too harsh be real. With the help of an internet psychic called Magda Magenta, Joe unleashes a series of co-ordinated attacks on the world, beginning online and spreading into the offline world. He...
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An American attack on Baghdad leaves heartbroken and angry survivors. Two different families, one Muslim and one Christian, are wiped out in the 2003 raids and their young adult progeny are determined to avenge the loss of their loved ones. An Israeli Secret Service Agent with a grudge of his own...
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The Da Vinci Code meets Sex and The City in this page turning thriller about an STD people are dying to get. THE SOWER is the outrageous, twisted brand new novel from Kemble Scott, author of the bestseller SoMa. "Dark, subversive, and laugh-out-loud funny.” -- Raj Patel, author of the...