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by Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin Near the end of the Terminal Classic Mayan period, a high priest commits a murder where a sacrifice is needed. The consequences of his deed will reach across worlds and ages. In our own time, Lydia Rosenstrom is a master translator working with an archeological...
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Our society dreams of making Star Trek’s technologies real. University scientists, computer technologists and science fiction media fans strive to bring to fruition: · the transporter with quantum entanglement· interstellar space travel with faster-than-light speed· time travel with fabricated...
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  If you think the world is crazy now, just wait. Worldbenders are trained to re-invent the past. Benito Cortezar creates a perfect past only to find it haunted by forces he cannot control. At the watershed of human and posthuman, in the clash between Dreamtime and Primetime, a gaggle of fractured...