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This beautifully written, imaginative story of love and redemption is the must-read book of the year. The ending is so surprising and powerful that it will linger long after the last page is turned. — Cassandra King A beautiful young woman. An American soldier. A war-torn country. Nearly forty...
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Finalist selection for the 78th annual California Book Award Hollis and Debra have settled into their golden years in a gated community outside of Tucson. Although they are devoted to each other, events that took place decades earlier have left Hollis with a deep-seated trauma–and with a secret he...
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KNOW WHO YOU KILL.Ex-cons DeWayne and Leonard thought it was a simple plan: Swipe the payroll from a local construction company and make off with easy cash. Pity they left the owner dead. Bigger pity is that the owner’s son is a violent drug-dealer who’s crazier than the low-caliber ex-cons he’s...
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By 1992, I had noted the revival of spiritual poetry ("devotional poetry") such as Coleman Barks' Rumi — more or less absent since the Industrial Revolution — and also all the poetry being published since 1950 ("beat") up to the present ("hiphop") influenced by...
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This poignant collection, compiled from Kingston’s healing workshops, contains the distilled wisdom of survivors of five wars, including combatants, war widows, spouses, children, conscientious objectors, and veterans of domestic abuse. Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace includes accounts from...