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Worldshift Happens! is about having the courage to change when it is time to change. Our world is at a turning point now. How, then, shall we face our fears and open our minds and hearts to new ways of thinking and being? What might our lives look like when we do? This book explores some new...
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart walks into the sex change clinic, determined to have his “sprouter” snipped off. So begins The Amadeus Net, a satirical novel set in the year 2028, which explores art, love,...
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"A remarkable debut novel. A powerful story of friendship, love and betrayal. In a high mountain valley, a group of disparate characters have set up a rudimentary community, held together by the formidable Emaline, hostess of the wayside inn. It is there that Alex, on the run from something,...
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From the author of the acclaimed memoir In the Wilderness (finalist for the Pulitzer Prize): a luminous novel of youthful idealism, of faith and madness, of love and family. It is 1960 when Thomas Deracotte and his pregnant wife, Helen, abandon a guaranteed future in upper-crust Connecticut and...
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At the turn of this century, a homeless man was allowed to win the lottery.It was hoped that he would change the world for the better, forever.After 12 years, SomeplacElse, his divinely inspired utopian experiment in the sub-urban Arizona desert, has reached critical mass.As Fate would have it,...
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In her debut novel, Edie Meidav tells the tale of Henry Fyre Gould, a self-described anti-missionary who travels to Ceylon from the spiritualist salons of 1930s New York City. Driven by an arrogant faith in his ideals, Henry settles in the village of Rajottama, intent on establishing a model...