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Squeak Evans is a pretty normal kind of boy except for one thing - he can't talk. But when he auditions for the Rock Eisteddfod, Squeak finds he needs to be able to sing to get the part. Can Doctor Von Schprecken, the world's only Sniffular-bio-herbologist, help Squeak find his voice? Another...
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It's Sandra's birthday and her mum thinks Sandra's bizarre dream might solve the formula she's working on - so there's no time for birthday parties! Sandra's upset, but when she dreams her mum is kidnapped, Sandra rushes to warn her. Instead, she finds the Man in the Full Length Coat, who is...
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Orson and his best friend, Fi, want the same summer job - to be the Sniffer, using their sense of smell to find new OJ gushers. But there's only one Sniffer's badge - what happens if they both win? When Orson hears that his Dad's company might be shut down to protect the endangered snot-nosed...
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Archaeologist LISA DONAHUE and her physician husband, JAMES BARBER, hope a Nile cruise in Egypt will be the honeymoon they never had. Lisa's idea of relaxation is crawling in and out of tombs and exploring obscure parts of Luxor, whereas James plans to take a zillion photos with his new digital...
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Devastated by love and nearly killed in a car crash, Lynn Sanderson disappeared, returning five years later with a new name, a new face, and a plan... Adrian Cahill didn't realize his ideal woman, his soul mate, was right in front of him, so Lynn walked away from their stagnant relationship. She...
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From the Far Side of the Sun is an example of what true friendship can mean if you have the courage to reach out and embrace it. To forge the bonds of friendship and to hold that friendship close to your heart. To share your experiences, each becoming a stronger person for having shared those...
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What Vanishes contains four sections: poems of place and displacement set in such far-flung locales as Budapest, Berkeley, Vancouver, Point Pleasant, and the skies above Australia along with Dublin, Ballybunion, Dingle, and Drumcliffe; poems of love and loss, engagement, alienation, and endurance;...
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Waltzing Australia is the tale of the six-month, 20,000-mile solo journey around and across Australia that marked my departure from the corporate world in pursuit of a dream. The dream was of starting over, of writing—and of Australia. Why Australia? Nobel laureate Patrick White had described it...
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Memoir of Jeanette Feldman, who overcame poverty and family struggles in the South Bronx during the Great Depression to become a fine artist, enjoy a loving family, and travel the world. Edited by Nadine Galinsky Feldman, Patchwork includes full-color photographs of the author's work.
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In Pulitzer Prize nominated author Dave Eggers' first novel, two friends, Will and Hand, travel the world attempting to give away $32,000 in one week. As the novel opens, the narrator, Will, nonchalantly tells the reader that he is dead. He treats this as an insignificant detail, not relevant to...