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This book traces the contours of the ways in which Western literature (in both the broad and narrow sense) was introduced and received in China from the 1840s to the present. It is an attempt to navigate and unpack the complex dynamics, or fault zones, of texts (literary and sociopolitical),...
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This is the first English translation of Surrealist Benjamin Péret's key book of poems, The Big Game (1921).   Kallet's introduction places Péret in the context of modern poetry, and renders his poems into lyrical, witty, idiomatic English.   
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Collected poems of the Polish poet Zbigniew Herbert, Translated by Czeslaw Milosz, Peter Dale Scott and Alissa Valles
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This is the Polish language translation of my first novel, Going Nowhere Faster.
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Our Appointment with Life is a translation and commentary on the Sutra on "Knowing the Better Way to Live Alone," the earliest teaching of the Buddha on how to live fully in the present moment. Text: English (translation) Original Language: Vietnamese, Chinese
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A selection of the best poems by Chinese Buddhist poet Wang Wei and Japan's Taigu Ryokan read by the translator Larry Smith with flute music by Monte Page. The CD includes a 16 page booklet of the poems in translation. It's a meditative experience of the words, vision, and music of these fine poets.
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MANOA: Towards and Literature of the Periphery-anthology of Japaneseliterature in translation edited by Leza Lowitz, University ofHawaii Press, Volume 7, No. 1 Summer, 1995. Includes fiction by KyokoMurata, Hiromi Itoh, Yoshiko Shibaki, Teru Miyamoto, Ango Sakaguchi.
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Amazon.com"Use very straight speech/ without design or calculation." Advice modern day politicos would find impossible to follow, but a good adage for writers needing a reminder to keep things simple and clear. Such tips are scattered throughout The Art of Writing, a collection of ancient...
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Unmatched in scope and literary quality, The Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry spans three thousand years, bringing together more than six hundred poems by more than one hundred thirty poets, in translations-many new and exclusive to the book-by an array of distinguished translators. Here is the grand...