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On the frozen plains of Kassouk, where a few aliens rule as deities on a medieval Human world, Tora -- a Human warrior trained by tigers -- seeks her father's murderer. But what she finds at the point of her sword confuses her. How dare Dragomir, the handsome Mutant, question her bloodline and her...
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Kirkus starred review, October 2008:"In this gracefully written biography of naturalist and conservationist George Schaller, Turner focuses on six particular studies selected from more than 50 years of travel and research aimed at protecting not just signature species but whole ecosystems in...
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Little Four is a small, timid kitten, but inside, he has a big dream - to give himself a name on Naming Day that is as magnificent as the Bengal tiger's.
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From the Publisher Elephants swim gracefully underwater and use their trunks like snorkels. Hippos sink to the bottom and go to sleep. Walruses sing as they swim along, and so do whales. Linda Capus Riley has written a lovely - and informative - poem about the ways that sixteen animals behave in...