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Since men first started recording words on the walls of caves and on parchment, the greatest stories handed down through the ages deal with the battle between good and evil. The first four volumes of The Regime Guard's: 1000 Years of War Series continue in that tradition with four separate, but...
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Think life is confusing?  Try death. After death, one soon discovers that every theologian was right. The afterlife offers too many inconvenient options including the chance at reincarnation, a boring existence as a ghost, the ultimate demise of oblivion or a short walk into the great unknown on...
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The first study of the philosophy of religion from a polytheist standpoint published in the western world since the fall of the Roman Empire, A World Full of Gods breaks through the deadlock between atheist and monotheist viewpoints to present traditional polytheism - a belief in multiple,...
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In a future not very far from now, poet Julia Reynard believes herself the only survivor of a global plague. Pregnant and isolated in the English countryside, she's soon to realise that there are others - but that most of them are children, too young to be affected by the disease. And she begins to...