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Volume IV of COLLECTED PLAYS OF DANIEL CURZON (1988-1991) Contains: When Bertha Was a Pretty Name                 
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The third volume of COLLECTED PLAYS OF DANIEL CURZON (1984-1988) Contains the musical CINDERELLA II (1984), the last show done by the Angels of Light REVIEWS: “It’s all hokey, cartoon-like fun, made to order for the Angels of Light, who specialize in eye-popping sets, costumes and musical...
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Plays from 1977 to 1983. Includes Sex Show and "Beer and Rhubarb Pie" and "Last Call" about SEX SHOW: Comedy Madness Nominated for Best Script, San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle (1977) "One of the best pieces of theater entertainment running in the Bay Area....
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Hip-hop is one of the most important global arts movements of the past two decades, moving beyond rap music to transform theater, dance, performance, poetry, literature, fashion, design, photography, painting, and film. Through essays, interviews, roundtable discussions, and more, Total Chaos, a...
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Flamboyant New York theatre director Ren is passionately in love with Jack, a younger man who is still under the thumb of his conservative CEO father, Malcolm. Jack's differences with his father range from the fact that Jack is still in the closet regarding his sexuality to having to endure his...