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September 1992. Madonna’s SEX is poised to hit bookstore shelves, The Crying Game makes its cinematic debut in limited release, and George H.W. Bush will soon square off against William Jefferson Clinton in the battle to be elected leader of the Free World. After abandoning his dreams of...
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A collection of my most outrageous Village Voice columns through the years, spanning celebrity events, personal romps, Q&As, terrible parties, and harsh viewpoints. Also included are my original essays about blind items, social networking, and the allure of blogging.
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The beloved bestselling authors of Tryin' to Sleep in the Bed You Made now deliver a novel in which you'll meet their most unforgettable characters yet. Carmen, Jewel, and Regina could not be more different. When they meet as freshmen at Columbia University, they're pretty confident that a...
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Coleridge, Lamb, Hazlitt, and the Reader of Drama is a re‑evaluation of British drama criticism of the nineteenth century.  I demonstrate that the British Romantics' bias against the staging of Shakespearean tragedy is rooted in an established and intellectually justifiable tradition in Western...
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THE FLOODMAKERS is the astute rendering of one Southern family’s struggle to survive the stormy heat of a summer tempest and its own powerful emotional undertows. Mylène Dressler’s work has been hailed by the New York Times as “splendid” and by the Christian Science Monitor as “haunting,...
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Wanted: Attractive, discreet, twenty-something female to lure disillusioned clients back to matchmaking service. Good money. Dinners included. Lucy Ladelle has big dreams -- bigger than the tiny island in Boston Harbor where she's lived her entire life. But first she needs some moolah. So when a...
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This volume features new American translations of classic French comedies: Lesage's Turcaret, a scabrous satire of greed in early 18th-century Paris; Marivaux's The Triumph of Love, which features a cross-dressing princess who seduces three reasoning philosophers in order to restore the throne to...
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The Harlem Renaissance remains exciting, inspiring, and irresistible in the first half of the 21st Century for the same reason that the many people who lived it found it exciting, inspiring, and irresistible in the first half of the 20th Century. Despite the soul-crushing challenges of war, racism...
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  For more than a quarter century, Al Pacino has spoken freely and deeply with Lawrence Grobel on subjects as diverse as childhood, acting, and fatherhood. Here, for the first time, are the complete conversations and shared observations between the actor and the writer who,...
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In the early 1930s, Marie Dressler (1868-1934) was the most loved movie star in the world. Under the careful guidance of Louis B. Mayer and Irving Thalberg at MGM, she soared to late life stardom with a string of hits including Anna Christie, Tugboat Annie, Dinner at Eight, and Min and Bill, which...