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The incredible true story of the Cabeza de Vaca's 1528 expedition to North America.  Four hundred landed near Tampa, Florida in 1528 and promptly disappeared into the swamps.  All were assumed to be dead, but eight years later three Spaniards and an African, the only survivors, appeared on the...
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     Dr. Marie Heaton is an anesthesiologist at the height of her profession. She has worked, lived, and breathed her career since medical school, and she now practices at a top Seattle hospital.  Marie has carefully constructed her professional life according to empirical truths, to the science...
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Within a labyrinth of caves in a small Texas town on the Rio Grande, among walls adorned with ancient Indian petroglyphs, lies a pool of strange, luminescent water Twenty years ago, an anthropologist unknowingly unleashed an otherworldly force of a malevolent nature here. Three teenagers Wade,...
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She left him 18 years ago for another man.  Now he's come to watch her marry his younger brother.  Or maybe not.  Will the secrets of the past risk the life of their son or will she finally reveal the secret she's kept for so long?  SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD is part of the COLTONS: FAMILY FIRST Series...
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Finalist selection for the 78th annual California Book Award Hollis and Debra have settled into their golden years in a gated community outside of Tucson. Although they are devoted to each other, events that took place decades earlier have left Hollis with a deep-seated trauma–and with a secret he...
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Grief opens doors, sometimes unexpected ones, as Caroline Davies, a 29-year-old event planner, is about to discover. In Chicago to bury her father, Caroline has orchestrated the funeral down to the make-up on his face. Why then does she feel so blank? After indulging in a few too many--strong...
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David McGlynn's first collection takes on the inner lives of the zealous, their passions and desires, and the ways religious faith is both the compass for navigating daily life and the force that makes ordinary life impossible. From the coastal highways of Southern California to the bayous of...
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These ten short stories explore loss and sacrifice in American suburbia. In idyllic suburbs across the country, from Philadelphia to San Francisco, narrators struggle to find meaning or value in their lives because of (or in spite of) something that has happened in their pasts. In "Hole,...
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Shannon Reece's mother was one of several women murdered in the small Texas town of Limite when Shannon was six years old. Her mother's alleged killer was convicted and sent to jail, where he was subsequently killed by fellow inmates. Now, 26 years later, Shannon has decided that the unresolved...