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Teenage prostitution | Teenage prostitution

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Told in the first person voice of a young woman coming of age as her country falls into war and hatred, the deceptively simple narrative takes the reader on a journey across landscape, political boundaries, assumptions and emotions. The impact is powerful and evocative, the voices authentic...
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For those without direct experience with the seamy, real-life world of prostitution, it can be easy to accept the glamorized depictions of the sex-for-sale industry as it is often portrayed in fiction and Hollywood or sensationalized in the media. In reality, the business of sexual exploitation...
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Mario Silva and his colleagues go to the city of Manaus, capital of the Amazon, to investigate the disappearance of a powerful political figure.
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In the United States female crime has grown at a faster rate than male crime over the past couple of decades. Despite this, only limited research has been done by criminologists, psychologists and sociologists on this growing problem. This study examines female criminals; who they are, where they...
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A Bishop is assassinated. Mario Silva, a Brazilian Federal Cop is assigned to the case.  
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Removed from the gritty streets of Chicago, the wealthy residents of the North Shore sleep easily in their million dollar homes. Easily, that is, until a local girl is discovered bludgeoned to death in the woods. Libby Fischer Hellman’s newest novel, EASY INNOCENCE, shakes up suburbia with murder...