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A collection of essays by a variety of teachers -- from professors to a golf instructor -- about the craft of teaching.
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Jane P. Perry explains how, in her program, the outdoor play yard sets the stage for types of pretend play that are not likely to take place indoors.
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Tired of the same old Aesop? Here's a new twist on the classroom favorites. Aesop's Opposites combines the age-old teachings with the concept of opposites. And to add to this double dose of fun are the instructions for some wacky classroom participation. Each story concentrates on one pair of...
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This anthology is a collection of authors who have read at San Francisco's Edingburgh Castle Pub over the years. It features writings from Irvine Welsh, Mary Roach, Po Bronson, Noah Hawley, Peter Plate, Jack Boulware, as well as its editors, Alan Black and Luke James.
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When Judith Tannenbaum last met with her poetry writing class at San Quentin prison, one of the students commented, "Now I'm going to give you an assignment: write about these past four years from your point of view; tell your story; let us know what you learned." This beautifully crafted...
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with their primary students. The lessons are easy to follow and contain numerous model poems written by primary students. Lessons build on one another in their exploration and use of image and sound as well as in their organization into themes. The book contains information on how to create...
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WritersCorps helps low-income children and teens improve their literacy and communication skills through creative expression. Tannenbaum and Bush, both affiliated with WritersCorps, offer numerous exercises that engage students in personal expression and reinforce standards-based lessons. Exercises...