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When you’re in trouble and sinking fast, whom do you call? Piper Nelson is stuck. She can’t quite stay away from the husband she divorced. She isn’t always attentive to the high school students she teaches. And even she admits that she’s been drinking too much and seeking out unsuitable men....
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In 1985, when women's poetry was not as prevalent as it is today, Melissa Clark asks men to listen very, very hard to what women say about their own self-perception, and not how men, such as Heathcliff, Mr. Rochester, or Dr. Frankenstein have perceived them.  She asks that they listen as though...
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In the courtyard of Jenna Durstine’s apartment complex, where blades of grass are at a premium, there grows a tall, majestic apple tree. Nearby in third-period English at Grayson High, where Jenna is now a freshman, her infatuation grows for someone who her mother has warned can only...
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Many successful people can point to a single teacher whose talent and dedication made a crucial difference in their lives. Sometimes former students clearly recall a teacher's casually brilliant remark that produced an instant "aha!" response; sometimes they are affected by a teacher's...