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What does the Tattooed Lady fear? 'Some day I'll run out of skin.' Erin Keane's new book, Death-Defying Acts, is a collection of monologues by a varied cast of circus performers--the Aerialist, Zorada (a fortune teller), the Clown, the Tattooed Lady, the Lion Tamer and even the Lion. They're...
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Chronicles the history of women and tattoo in Western society from the early 1880s to the present. “In this provocative work full of intriguing female characters from tattoo history, Margot Mifflin makes a persuasive case for the tattooed woman as an emblem of female self-expression.” - Susan...
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The biography of a 19th-century Mormon pioneer who became a celebrity after she was captured, raised, and tattooed on the face by Southwest Indians, then ransomed back five years later. “Margot Mifflin has written a winner… The Blue Tattoo offers quite intense drama along with thorough scholarship...