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Supernatural Thriller | Supernatural Thriller

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After destroying Elizabeth Wither, the leader of a murderous coven of witches, Wendy Ward thought the ancient evil was defeated. She was wrong. Wither cursed Wendy and now the young Wiccan must use her supernatural gifts to defeat a seven-foot-tall monster with razor-sharp teeth and a taste...
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Late in the Seventeenth Century, a coven of witches terrorized the small New England town of Windale. Three hundred years later the evil force has reawakened to begin a new cycle. Now Wendy Ward, a college freshman and practicing white witch, Karen Glazer, a pregnant professor and Abby...
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On the night of the fire that killed Jacob Crawley and his followers, Allison Burke stood in a circle with the only friends she had ever known and asked, "What if it comes true?" No one looked up or said a word. They just held hands as the air around them filled with smoke and the white...