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Written by Ivory Madison Art by Cliff Richards and Norm Rapmund Cover by Matthew Clark Driven to uncover a mob conspiracy in Gotham, Huntress runs afoul of Batman — and teaming up with Catwoman doesn't score her any points with him, either! Then, in the miniseries' finale, the gripping origin...
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Written by Ivory Madison; Art by Cliff Richards, Art Thibert and Norm Rapmund; Cover by Matthew Clark In issue #4, a deadly battle with her family's assassin in the middle of Venice's Carnival leaves Huntress with no choice but to return to Gotham - sparking a fateful first meeting with Bruce...
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Back in the day, Lindsay Goldman's mom was a superheroine, but she's retired now, and teenage Lindsay has inherited her mother's ability to fly. Donning her mom's old costume, she becomes the teenage superhoine, GoGirl!