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Raising two kids and running a household is challenging enough. It's even more challenging when the bag boy down at the grocery store has turned you into a vampire. Despite the transformation, Lisa is determined to keep life as normal as possible for her family, but when you've unwillingly joined...
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A million dollars cash...  You in? The residents of Sylvan Street are a friendly group leading blameless lives in their quaint craftsmen homes—or so they thought. The harmonious cul-de-sac in a leafy Hudson Valley village is about to change forever when the neighbors discover a suitcase filled...
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These ten short stories explore loss and sacrifice in American suburbia. In idyllic suburbs across the country, from Philadelphia to San Francisco, narrators struggle to find meaning or value in their lives because of (or in spite of) something that has happened in their pasts. In "Hole,...
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On the eve of their thirteenth birthday, identical twins Chloe and Sue agree to get matching tattoos to prove their bond is stronger than DNA. So begins Twins, Marcy Dermansky’s funny and disturbingly honest debut novel, the extraordinary story of blond, beautiful twin sisters trying to survive...
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This memoir offers a candid and funny response to those who question the racial authenticity of successful black men. After receiving a letter asserting that he is “not a genuine black man,” Copeland (comic, actor, radio talk-show host) tries to understand the qualifications needed to earn the...