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Our society dreams of making Star Trek’s technologies real. University scientists, computer technologists and science fiction media fans strive to bring to fruition: · the transporter with quantum entanglement· interstellar space travel with faster-than-light speed· time travel with fabricated...
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Editorial Reviews Product Description Devise a look for the future. Construct strange new worlds. Create new life forms. Design their clothes. Do it all in a week. And do it on budget. This was the mission for the creative staff of Star Trek. For three years just a handful of talented artists...
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From the Book Jacket: More than merely a popular television show, Star Trek has evolved from its original subculture status to a cultural icon, a modern American mythology, and a prescient leap into the future.  From the beginning, it was a forum where its creator and its viewers could explore...
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After learning of Starfleet Medical's plans to install a new Emergency Medical Hologram aboard the U.S.S. Voyager, an irate, 144-year-old Admiral Leonard McCoy travels to Jupiter Station to voice his opinions directly to the EMH's creator, Dr. Lewis Zimmerman.