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Magicians are undeniably sexy—strong, sensuous, masterful, and magical. Who wouldn’t want to succumb to one? Be levitated? Be sawed in half? Imagine being called from the audience by a dark man in a dark suit, his cape swirling like a scarlet-lined dream, wrapping his strong arms around you...
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The traumatic tale of Amelia’s life is brought to the forefront when childhood friend, Claude Croft, does find her. Claude implores her to help him locate a lost bracelet he promised his dying father he would find. Gripped by her own connection to a similar bracelet, Amelia joins Claude...
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How do you know if love is real or just an illusion? When Mel Snow meets the talented magician Toby Warring in a dusty roadside bar, she is instantly drawn to the brilliant performer whose hands can effortlessly pull stray saltshakers and poker chips from thin air and conjure castles out of the...