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The Spy Who Came for Christmas is a genre-breaking holiday story unlike any other - a thriller with intense, edge-of-your seat action, set against a spy’s perspective on the traditional Nativity story.  As bestselling author Joseph Finder has said about the novel:  “…once again, David Morrell...
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Seeking to escape her stalking ex-fiancé, savvy computer expert, Ruby Goodman, flees to her family's vacation home.  Always a healing place, Florida is the best spot for her to reassemble the crumbling pieces of her personal and professional life in safety. But somehow her high school sweetheart...
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An article demonstrating how the CIA is using online communities to test theories about recruitment by terrorist agencies.
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Just in time for the 20th anniversary of Spy’s creation comes the definitive anthology, inside story, and scrapbook. Spy: The Funny Years will remind the magazine’s million readers why they loved and depended on Spy and bring to a new generation the jewels of its reporting and writing, photography...
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The riveting story of a Canadian who serves as a senior officer in Israel’s legendary Mossad. In 1982 a young Michael Ross joins the legion of Canadian twenty-somethings backpacking in Europe. Through happenstance, he winds up working on a Kibbutz in Israel, where he falls in love with the land and...