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Spiritual journey | Spiritual journey

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Imagine you have spent your life in the middle of a dust storm, and the air finally clears. Suddenly you see that every step you thought was a step forward was actually a step backward, and you are not where you thought you were. Imagine you can clearly see things now that you had not even realized...
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WHEN YOUR INNER VOICE SPEAKS,DO YOU LISTEN? Stepping off the Edge: Learning and Living Spiritual Practice is written by Sandy Nathan, a Santa Ynez, California author and horsewoman. Follow Sandy as she confronts issues that many of us face in the modern world. Got an on-line addiction? Trying to...
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In a resonant account of his spiritual quest, Fenton Johnson examines what it means for a skeptic to have and to keep faith. Exploring Western and Eastern monastic traditions, Johnson lives as a member of the community at the Trappist Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky and at the branches of the San...