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1943: Twenty-one year old JUDY GARLAND is dropped behind enemy lines to bring back a photograph of German physicist FRANZ KINTNER -who poses a serious threat to the invasion of Normandy: He’s developing a nuclear battery for Hitler’s U-Boats and he must be taken out -trouble is, no-one knows...
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In the explosive international thriller "The Kill Option," the feuding McQueen brothers must band together to prevent the apocalypse of World War III.  One brother, Nick, is a journalist who seeks the truth.  The other, Barry, is a CIA hit man who leads a double life.  The two brothers...
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Follow Gisel Matah and the thunder of hooves as she strikes back at the Imperial armies that threaten all she has worked for. She must defy every established world power to bring justice to common peasants and workers in societies now ruled by greedy aristocrats. Her covert activities require her...