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In the summer of 1963, nine-year-old spitfire Starla Claudelle runs away from her strict grandmother’s Mississippi home. Starla hasn’t seen her momma since she was three—that’s when Lulu left for Nashville to become a famous singer. Starla’s daddy works on an oil rig in the Gulf, so Mamie, with...
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The narratives of Karen Head’s Sassing are mournful but defiant tales, seeking a place of repose “somewhere between/the smoldering ruins of Atlanta/and a base near the Berlin Wall.” Head’s poems find that elusive place in their hard-edged music.
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More than anything Taylor Drake wants her life back. She’s returned to her family home, suffering from the agoraphobia that has plagued her since she was brutally attacked in her apartment. Once a confident and successful photographer, she now cowers behind closed doors with a loaded pistol. She...