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Revolution is simmering in the heat of battered Central American town Port Tropique, where protagonist Franz Hall is an "intellectual Meursault in a paranoid Hemingway landscape, a self-conscious Conradian adventurer, a Lord Jim in the earliest stages of selfwilled failure" (New York Times)....
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DC PI Al Pennyback is approached by an old man asking for help.  He claims there is some kind of conspiracy and an old wrong that must be put right.  Before he can tell Al what its all about, he's found dead in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.  Al then finds himself in the middle of a...
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Covering the endless civil war in the Congo seems like the perfect way for television journalist Valerie Grey to escape the tangles of her personal life. But complications arise—most of them red-hot dangerous—when she stumbles onto a diamond smuggling scheme that begins in the Congo and leads to...