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Jennifer Niven tackles her most harrowing expedition of all: high school. Her first two books, The Ice Master and Ada Blackjack, relayed the tales of deadly and dramatic Arctic adventures, but now she tells a survival tale of a different kind--her own thrilling, excruciating, and utterly...
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FINALIST AWARD-WINNER IN THE 2011 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS! “A vivid voice…” -Jennifer E. (St. Martin’s Press)“A sensitive tale of love struggling to unwind… Taut narrative… Crisp dialogue…” -Michelle James (author)“A very insightful and moving book… it’s a page-turner.” -Michael Conrad“A staff...
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Nadine Butler is a popular disc-jockey at KELF, the classic rock station in Squire’s Isle, Washington. She’s currently in the closet with her girlfriend and she thinks she’s happy that way. And the end of a bad day, Nadine goes to a Town Hall meeting to take sides in a book-banning debate and...
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Welcome to Cedar Hole: a mossy, dank town where only the grass seems to possess ambition. Trapped for generations by their lack of initiative, imagination, and optimism, the contentious locals feel bonded only by their distrust of the outside world. The pallor of lackluster Cedar Hole is only...