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This deep book highlights the true meaning of sacrifice and love.  In the economic chaos of broken down Detroit, Celeste falls in love with Eddie, a wounded Iraq War veteran dealing with his inner PTSD scars.  As she finds the courage to follow her dreams to Hawaii, the possibility of...
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Overwhelmed: The Life of a Single Mom begins as a page-turning drama following author Jennifer Maggio's journey from homeless teenage mother to 11-time Circle of Excellence winner in corporate america.  As the tale unfolds, Maggio reveals her own story of homelessness, poverty, severe abuse,...
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Tinsey James believes in all things supernatural. When her father dies unexpectedly, she isn't surprised when his ghost shows up, but she still has no idea how to cope with the pain. With her family in shock, Tinsey feels it's up to her to fill the void he's left. Her mother is vulnerable, her...
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Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me? is a collection of stories from parents that speak the truth about parenting. Unlike other books on parenting, this is not another prescriptive book by an ‘expert’. Parents have read and spoken to all manner of experts and put their advice into practice with varying...
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In the courtyard of Jenna Durstine’s apartment complex, where blades of grass are at a premium, there grows a tall, majestic apple tree. Nearby in third-period English at Grayson High, where Jenna is now a freshman, her infatuation grows for someone who her mother has warned can only...
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Like A Year of Magical Thinking, this powerful and touching book is both an inspirational read and a comfort to those who are looking for help in overcoming loss. The phone rang. It was my husband Arron telling me that he was at Windows of the World in the World Trade Center. “There’s been a bomb...