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Imagine a Hollywood run not by movie studios, but by comic book publishers.  Here, Homer Simpson is a bigger star than Tom Cruise, and everyone is trying to get published.  Into this world steps Toupydoops, kindergarten teacher and aspiring comic book actor.   Join Toupy, along with this best...
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“NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOWBUSINESS”   Everyone wants to be in the entertainment business.  Everyone!  Everyone encounters disappointment, rejection, and roadblocks.  Everyone!   Everyone, that is, except those who employ the services of a coach, have access to an experienced mentor, or read Cynthia...
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East Tupelo was a sprinkling of poor houses at the scratched-out back edge of Mississippi--and the birthplace of a boy who would become the greatest rock legend of his time. In Tender, novelist Mark Childress has redefined the American epic. He takes us on a wild ride through the last three decades...
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This collection of favorite articles from Ben Fong-Torres features a slew of entertaining and informative music and pop-culture pieces on topics including Paul McCartney, groupies of the 1980s, Al Green, the Summer of Love, the Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra, Cheech and Chong, Lou Reed, and Steve...
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Here Maya Angelou, dazzling entertainer, casts the spotlight on her show business career—a pageant of international scope. Maya, the woman, shares her sad, failed marriage to a white man, her early motherhood and achingly sensitive relationship with her young son, and her bone-deep, painful...