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"Reading Thoreau's Laundry is like taking many journeys with the best possible traveling companion, one who makes the world more vivid, more resonant, more interesting at the deepest level."--Margot Livesey The twelve stories in Ann Harleman's second fiction collection span a century (from...
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WINNER OF THE IOWA SHORT FICTION AWARD In Ann Harleman's remarkable debut collection, men and women of extraordinary passions look for and sometimes find the hidden heart of ordinary life.  Testing themselves and each other, they search for ways to connect.  Harleman combines a clear...
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Catch Her in the Rye contains the tragic love story by that name plus thirty other short stories in a wide variety of themes, from the surrealistic "I Wish" to the heartwarming "Homeless Thanksgiving". These short tales offer a cross-genre experience, with literary tidbits...
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When a young military officer named Perry meets renegade lady-pirate, Charlotte Law, they are immediately drawn together by their lust for riches. Armed with a map, a secret, and a strange little golden scarab, they embark on a quest for the treasures of the legendary Captain Kidd....
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Edited by Red Room author Charles Degelman, Harvard Square Editions’ second short-fiction anthology, Voice from the Planet,  guides the reader on a globe-trotting literary adventure through an exciting international world of living fiction. Experience the trauma of an African earthquake and...
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Before God created light, there was darkness. Even after He illuminated the world, there were shadows — shadows that allowed the darkness to fester and infect the unwary. The tales found within Dead Souls explore the recesses of the soul; those people and creatures that could not escape the shadows...
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I wanted to write about people who were not just out, but out there, people who lived their sexual lives in ways most of us could only imagine...and for whom the flavor vanilla had absolutely no appeal. I interviewed porn stars, prostitutes, self-proclaimed sex pigs, and delved into bizarre...
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The road to crime begins with a single decision—the wrong one. Not every decision belongs to the criminally minded. Some belong to the ill-informed, the weak and the plain unlucky. In these tales, trouble isn't an indiscriminate force of nature. It's a manmade occurrence that comes when called upon...
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14 original tales of terror and suspense.
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Containing six stories and fifty poems, I Made My Boy Out of Poetry, by Savannah poet and author Aberjhani, was initially published by Washington Publications in 1998. The first cover featured an original oil painting by native New Orleans artist Gustave Blache III.   The stories and poems...