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Shapeshifters | Shapeshifters

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Three extraordinary sisters are charged with managing the underground paranormal communities of New Orleans.
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Book 1 of the Books of the Rai-kirah.  Seyonne is a man waiting to die. He has been a slave for sixteen years, almost half his life, and has lost everything of meaning to him: his dignity, the people and homeland he loves, and the Warden's power he used to defend an unsuspecting world from the...
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Evil forces…a forbidden love…a deadly witch hunt.Don’t miss Lori Devoti’s dark, mesmerizing romance.. Exiled rogue shapeshifter Kerr Vik once saw being transported to Gunngar as a fresh start. Until the one person he most regretted leaving behind—captivating witch Heather Moore—stumbles through the...
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Selfless pilot Sinclair Duval gave up two promotions, a beautiful condo, and a lover to protect her three-year-old niece from the lifestyle that destroyed the child's scheming mother, Sinclair's sister. Blaming himself for the loss of his fiancée in the last were-cheetah skirmish, brooding healer...
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Risk Leidolf is a hellhound—a legendary, otherworldly creature who is both man and beast. For centuries, he’s been bound to do the bidding of an immortal witch. But after being ordered to destroy novice witch Kara Shane, the man within him rebels. And the beast within him is held at bay—for now....