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An astonishing work of cutting-edge science and cultural history that radically reframes how we understand the vagina—and consequently, how we understand women—from one of our most respected cultural critics and thinkers, Naomi Wolf, author of the modern classic The Beauty Myth. When an...
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  Sizzling tales of bad boys, bruised hearts, and sweaty encounters. Lambda Award finalist M. Christian’s stories of men-who-love-men have been selected for Best Gay Erotica, Best American Erotica, and Best of the Best Gay Erotica.  Evesdrop on what hot men who are doing hot things with...
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Fashion Talks is a vibrant look at the politics of everyday style. Shira Tarrant and Marjorie Jolles bring together essays that cover topics such as lifestyle Lolitas, Hollywood baby bumps, haute couture hijab, gender fluidity, steampunk, and stripper shoes, and engage readers with...
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Surprising, beautiful, evocative, and revealing, SUGAR IN MY BOWL embraces our humanity and tells the truth about the female experience of sexuality.
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The sexually violent murder of twenty-one-year-old British student Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy, on the night of November 1, 2007, became an international sensation when one of Kercher’s housemates, twenty-year-old Seattle native Amanda Knox, as well as her Italian boyfriend and a...
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A breathtaking new volume from a poet who wrestles with the diabolical complexity of the human heart (publisher's note) 
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You have an old friend who holds, in amber, all the possibilities of who you were supposed to become. Together, as teenagers, you shared a criminal joy. What happens when you have been looking for her and find her, finally, in later life? You're a lawyer and she has a father on death row. LOLA,...
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Conversations With Your Naked is a short story part of an erotic anthology Nuits Beyrouthines published by Tamyras. It is an attempted dissociation of both gender and sexuality into a proposed Polysexual construct  encompassing the city and its people. Excerpt: "That was her pose, and a...
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Feminism has often been misunderstood as a bunch of stereotyped hysterical man-hating fanatics who seek power and control rather than true equality. But to the author, ‘feminism’ is not just a movement for the liberation of women, but rather a broad social movement striving for the equality of each...